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Here's what our customers had to say about Firetubs...

"Love my FireTub! The service is outstanding. They answered all my questions and were great on followups. Brought it out to the acreage where we enjoy some relaxing soaks."

"The service with FireTubs is outstanding! FireTubs team was so great with answering all my questions. Best purchase I made! Especially during Covid time made a backyard Oasis I love the crackling of the fire as I soak and relax! I think I'll fire it up right now!"

"We love the design of the Firetub! Being able to sit and soak in the backyard and enjoy a drink without all the chemicals of a conventional hot tub."

"A little slice of heaven. A long soak and a crackling fire is good for the soul!"

"Lots of fun, easy to use. The water temperature is easy to control and maintain. Very comfortable. The service was awesome."

"Got one last spring. It has been awesome! So great to sit in and soak after a long day at work or after a long day of fun! Easy to maintain and store. I love it and would recommend to anyone to get one!"

"Great way to spend a beautiful sunny day! Working in the backyard, stoking the firetub fire, BBQ'ing some burgers and finishing off the day with a soak in the tub. Doesn't get more Canadian than this!"

"We have been using our Firetub non-stop. It takes no time to fill, heats up quickly and we sit in it for hours. We can't wait to take it out to our off-grid cabin to enjoy the tub out there".

"Best money I have ever spent! I LOVE LOVE it! So easy to set up. The deepest most luxurious bath I’ve ever had!"

"The  Firetub is really cool! Not only is it fun and relaxing, but it makes for a great conversation piece. Firetubs were personable, very easy to deal with, and they also went out of their way to ensure I was a happy customer. I would recommend them to anyone."

"Highly recommend Firetubs. Perfect for a backyard oasis or the cabin; love the portability! Every detail has been thoughtfully crafted. Great for a solo soak or sharing."

"We love our Firetub and we use it all year long. We enjoy how portable the tub is and the fact that we don’t have to treat the water. Our family loves soaking all season long."

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