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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a Firetub take to heat and how much wood is required?

This will be dependent on multiple factors: the temperature of the water source, how hot you want the water, what kind of wood you are burning, how dry the wood is, etc. Generally, you can achieve a comfortable temperature in 2 - 3 hours. You will be surprised how little wood is required.

What is included with a wood fired Firetub?

Tub, stove, stove lid, lower chimney (with heat shield), upper chimney (with spark arrestor), insulating/protective base pad, floating insulating top, safety fence, shelf, beverage bucket, thermometer, debris net, fill/drain valve, and paddle.

Why choose a Firetub over a barrel style cedar tub?

Your Firetub arrives fully assembled; no assembly or “swell” time required. If left empty, cedar tubs can dry out and shrink, losing their ability to hold water, especially in drier climates. Freezing temperatures in a cedar barrel tub can cause damage. 

Cedar is beautiful and it’s aesthetic is undeniable. However, as a building material it is soft and marks easily. If you plan to move your tub, cosmetic damage is inevitable. It will also likely lose its “swell seal” when moved. Cedar dries and fades over time without significant maintenance efforts. It’s is prone to “checking” where it dries and splits along the grain. There are reasons people don’t build cedar decks anymore!


Your Firetub provides the benefits of the look and aroma of a Cedar, with our safety fence. We avoid using cedar for applications that will require maintenance or need to be durable. 


A galvanized tub is easily cleaned and sanitized. Cedar surfaces are more delicate. If you do forget water in a tub for long enough, and algae does form, it can be very difficult to remove from cedar.

Do you have chairs for the tubs?

We don’t install chairs or seating in our tubs for several reasons. Firstly, they aren’t needed. The size and shape of the tubs is naturally very accommodating. Your buoyancy in water makes built in seating unnecessary for complete comfort. Also, chairs impede the ability to properly drain and clean your tub.

How much does shipping cost for a Firetub?

We aim to minimize shipping costs. We have negotiated competitive transportation rates while using a very reputable transport provider. The average shipping cost by Province/Region can be found here.

Do I need a special foundation to put under a Firetub?

No special foundation is required. Select your set-up location with safety in mind. Always place on a level and stable surface and use the protective foam base. When filled, your Firetub is very heavy. Ensure it is placed on a surface that can support the weight. Set the tub a safe distance from any combustible materials.

How much does a Firetub weigh?

Our SPARK tub assembly including all accessories is 125 lbs. Filled with water, the tub weighs over 1400 lbs. 

Our EMBER tub assembly including all accessories is 185 lbs. Filled with water, the tub weighs over 2500 lbs. 

Our FLAME tub assembly including all accessories is 200 lbs. Filled with water, the tub weighs over 3250 lbs. 

How much water does each tub hold?

Our SPARK tub holds approximately 169 U.S. Gallons

Our EMBER tub holds approximately 294 U.S. Gallons

Our FLAME tub holds approximately 389 U.S. Gallons

What are the dimensions of the product?

Our SPARK tub is 6' long, 2' wide and 2' deep.

Our EMBER tub is 8' long, 3' wide and 2' deep.

Our FLAME tub is 6' diameter and 2' deep.

On all of our tubs, attached, the chimney reaches to 98 " (or 8'2"). With the chimney and stove removed (in transport condition) the assembly will fit inside the tub.

How large a piece of wood can I fit in the stove?

So long as the wood you are using fits safely inside the bottom of the stove, you can use it. Larger pieces of wood work well once the fire and coals are established. The stove easily accommodates a 2" x 4"  that is cut to 18" in length. 

How do I clean and maintain my Firetub?

A Firetub is not intended to be left full of water when not in use. Fresh water is recommended. Change the water frequently and there is no need to use chemicals. Simply fill the tub with fresh water, heat and enjoy a few times; then empty the tub. Use the water wisely as being untreated, it can be re-used as grey water (i.e. for lawns and gardens)

It is the owner's responsibility to ensure the hot tub is clean. Always keep surfaces and decks clean. Bacteria and dirt on surfaces may enter into the water with you. Always shower or bathe with soap before use. This helps keep the water free of germs and body oils.

Cleaning recommendations:

  • Drain water, rinse tub off with water, (use a garden hose).

  • With a mild soap solution and a clean soft brush, use firm circular motions to clean the tub. Do not use a hard-abrasive brush.

  • Rinse thoroughly with fresh water to get rid of any soap and dry with a soft cloth.

  • Depending on the frequency of use it may not be necessary to clean with soap after every use. Simply rinse with clean water and wipe down with a soft cloth.


For more information about Firetub maintenance please download our Instruction Manual.

How do I remove ash from the stove?

Always be sure there is no longer any residual heat prior to cleaning the stove.  How often you clean out the ash depends on what wood you use and how much you use your hot tub. 


As ash accumulates it will need to be emptied from the stove. When the tub is empty of water, and the stove has cooled, remove the chimney sections and disconnect the stove mount latch pins. Set the stove lid aside and remove the stove from the tub. The stove can simply be inverted to dump the ashes. Any remaining ash can be brushed out. Due to the efficient nature of the stove, and the temperature reached, ash burns to a fine powder so, accumulation is surprisingly little. 


Alternatively, a scoop can be used to remove the ash. 

Does a Firetub require any maintenance?

The chimney and spark arrestor require occasional cleaning. This can be done with a brush, air hose, or water hose.

How do I disassemble and store my Firetub?

With the stove cooled and water emptied, remove the chimney sections and disconnect the stove mount latch pins. The stove and fence assembly can then be laid inside the tub along with all the other pieces. Turn the tub upside down and place it on blocks for long term storage.

Does Firetubs have a warranty?

We design our product to last and strive for customer satisfaction.

Our stoves and tubs have a 1-year warranty on defective materials and workmanship. This warranty excludes normal wear and tear and damage caused by misuse or accident.

Should you have any issues with our products please contact us.

Do you sell just the stove?

We do sell product packages exclusive of the tub. One choice is the stove and chimney alone and the other is the stove/chimney and all accessories.  Included are the, safety fence, insulating protective base pad, floating insulating top, beverage bucket, paddle, shelf, debris net, fill/drain valve and floating thermometer.


Our stoves are designed to best fit a specific manufacturers tub with a specific size. They are dimensionally correct for our stoves. We pay less for tubs than they are available for retail. So, for the cost of doing it yourself, we can usually build it (on the correct tub) and ship to you for around the same cost. However, we do sell separately if you have plans for an independent project.

Still have an unanswered question? Ask us here!

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