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Portable Wood Fired All-Season Hot Tubs


6' x 2' | Perfect for 2 people

wood-fired all season hot tub

SPARK Tub Dimensions

  • 6' long, 2' wide and 2' deep

  • Attached, the chimney reaches to 98 " (or 8'2")

  • Holds 169 U.S. gallons

Price: $ 2,495 +tax


8' x 3' | Perfect for 4 people

Wood-fired hot tub
  • 8’ long, 3’ wide and 2’ deep

  • Attached, the chimney reaches to 98 " (or 8'2")

  • Holds 294 U.S. gallons

EMBER Tub Dimensions

Price: $ 3,495 +tax


6' diameter | Perfect for 6 people

Hot tub for the whole family
  • 6’ diameter and 2’ deep

  • Attached, the chimney reaches to 98 " (or 8'2")

  • Holds 389 U.S. gallons

FLAME Tub Dimensions

Price: $ 3,995 +tax

Included Accessories

Firetubs come with a complete accessory package to complete your portable, wood-fired hot tub experience

  • Insulating protective base pad​

  • Floating insulating top​

  • Paddle ​

  • Cedar shelf​

  • Beverage bucket

  • Debris net​

  • Thermometer

  • Cedar safety fence

  • Fill/drain valve

Camping with a Firetub

Why Choose Firetubs?

Lightweight Firetub

Lightweight & Portable

The entire assembly is designed to be placed inside the tub for transport. A Firetub can be easily transported from one location to another.

no chemicals needed, hot tub

No chemicals necessary

With the environment and your health in mind, Firetubs require no chemicals to be used and are manufactured with eco-friendly materials.

No electricity required, hot tub

Requires no electricity

Soak in your Firetub anywhere. Requiring no electricity or hook-ups, you can soak in your Firetub so long as you have a water source and firewood.

All-Season Wood-fired hot tub

Year-round use

Enjoy your Firetub on a warm summer evening or on a cool winters night, both are available with a portable, all-season Firetub.

Canadian made hot tub

Canadian made

We pride ourselves in supporting Canadian manufactures to supply our tubs and accessories. Our stoves are manufactured in Edmonton, AB.

Easy to install hot tub

No assembly required

Your Firetub comes fully assembled and ready to be used. Attach the stove and chimney. Just fill, fire, soak!


"Best money I have ever spent!"

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose a Firetub over a barrel style cedar tub?

Your Firetub arrives fully assembled; no assembly or “swell” time required. If left empty, cedar tubs can dry out and shrink, losing their ability to hold water, especially in drier climates. Freezing temperatures in a cedar barrel tub can cause damage. 

Cedar is beautiful and it’s aesthetic is undeniable. However, as a building material it is soft and marks easily. If you plan to move your tub, cosmetic damage is inevitable. It will also likely lose its “swell seal” when moved. Cedar dries and fades over time without significant maintenance efforts. It’s is prone to “checking” where it dries and splits along the grain. There are reasons people don’t build cedar decks anymore!


Your Firetub provides the benefits of the look and aroma of a Cedar, with our safety fence. We avoid using cedar for applications that will require maintenance or need to be durable. 


A galvanized tub is easily cleaned and sanitized. Cedar surfaces are more delicate. If you do forget water in a tub for long enough, and algae does form, it can be very difficult to remove from cedar.

Does a Firetub require any maintenance?

The chimney and spark arrestor require occasional cleaning. This can be done with a brush, air hose, or water hose.

For more answers to common questions visit our FAQ page



All shipping costs are for delivery to the nearest transport terminal affiliated with our contracted freight carrier. We aim to minimize shipping costs. We have negotiated competitive transportation rates while using a very reputable transport provider. The average shipping cost by Province/Region can be found here.


Freight charges increase dramatically with residential deliveries. For delivery quote to your residence or another address please contact us. 

Free delivery is available for customers in the greater Edmonton area. 

Firetub chimney
Firetub shippment
Edmonton Free Delivery

We Proudly Reuse Materials For Shipping

You may notice that your Firetub comes packaged with reused packing materials. When available, we reuse materials to minimize the needless waste created by single use packaging supplies. Don’t be shocked if there’s printed packaging for a vacuum cleaner in the shipment!

We reuse boxes and packing materials whenever possible. Anytime we receive a shipment, whether it be a pallet or package, we’ll break down the shipping materials and add them to our inventory so that they can be reused in future shipments. If it’s in really bad shape, we’ll recycle it.

Would you like to learn more and see a Firetub before purchasing?

Check out our sales representative listing to find the representative nearest you.

Vacation with a Firetub

Our Firetubs are becoming a popular feature for airbnbs and retreat centres across Canada. Treat yourself with a stay at one of these locations!

1 Bedroom Cabin

Mill Village, Nova Scotia, Canada

Camping with a firetub
Airbnb logo


Elgin, New Brunswick, Canada

Screenshot 2024-02-09 at 12.26.28 PM.png
Screenshot 2024-02-09 at 12.27.18 PM.png

Couples Only Spa

Armstrong, Manitoba, Canada

chimney on firetub
Firetubs at Airbnbs

Glamping Retreat

Summerland, British Columbia, Canada

Glamping with a firetub
Firetubs at Airbnb

Luxury Couples Rental

Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba, Canada

Hot tub in winter

Eliguk Lake Lodge

Anahim Lake, British Columbia, Canada

canoe on lake
Lake logo

Cabin on the Creek

Waldemar, Ontario, Canada

Country Cabin Firetub Location

Skipping Rock
Lake House

Selkirk, Ontario, Canada

Firetub on deck
Cottages in Canada logo

"We have 3 rural locations we Airbnb as retreats with wood fired hot tubs and saunas all year, even in the -40/50 degree Manitoba winters. Each tub is emptied and cleaned after every guest checks out. It is a fair commitment to do that outside in the winter but the pay off is to sit in a clean tub with clean water free of chemicals in the middle of pristine natural conditions, soaking in the heat, connecting with family/friends, listening to a cracking fire in the depths of the tub’s fire box, looking at shooting stars in the wilderness and breathing life in deeply."

- Sareli, Airbnb Superhost

Thinking of featuring a Firetub at your guest location?

Let's chat!

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