Why choose a wood fired Firetub?

Gaze at the stars, listen to the fire crackle, and breathe in the fresh air. Immerse in a relaxing hot tub while soaking in the privacy of your own backyard. A truly sensory experience.

Inspired by our love for the outdoors. A portable all season hot tub. Requires no electricity or chemicals: just fill, fire, soak.

Easy to assemble and easy to fill.

Take your portable Firetub to your favorite destination. So long as you have a water source you can have a hot tub. A Firetub will fit in the back of a truck or a large vehicle. Two people can easily pick it up. The entire assembly is designed to be placed inside the tub for transport.

Connect to nature; disconnect from the world.

Firetubs Inc. ESTD. 2018