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Portable Wood Fired Hot Tubs

Our stoves are made of heavy gauge marine-grade aluminum, built to last a lifetime. They are precision cut and expertly welded. We use only the highest quality electroplated galvanized tanks as our tubs.


They are durable, simple, and functional, requiring little maintenance. Our tubs have straight sides with corrugations for strength and a 1-inch diameter rolled top rim. They are dimensionally perfect tubs; depth is 24 inches, ideal for a shoulder-deep water level.

Model 1

Price $$$$

Model 2

Price $$$$

Model 3

Price $$$$


Take your Firetub wherever you want. So long as you have a water source you can have a hot tub. A Firetub will fit in the back of a truck or a large vehicle. Two people can easily pick it up. The entire assembly is designed to be placed inside the tub for transport.

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